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How to Host a Karaoke Night

by | Nov 16, 2023

We all know karaoke is fun! Hosting a karaoke night can score you some big points with your family and friends – whether it is for a birthday, graduation, a bachelorette, or just for fun. Going to a karaoke night at your local bar isn’t as fulfilling as throwing your very own, exclusive karaoke party – especially since you and your guests will need to compete for the karaoke system with other guests attending the same event. Hosting a karaoke night at home is just not the same as using a professional sound system and microphones. When you truly want to make an impact – booking a karaoke bar is just the ticket.

We’ve talked about various ideas for to make your karaoke parties a success before but what’s a party without the host (ess) with the most (ess)?! Now that you’ve picked the perfect karaoke venue, theme, games, and décor, read on for our top tips on how to be the perfect host at your karaoke party.

Organization is Key to Keep the Night Going

It’s easy to lose track of things when you’re having a good time. Stay organized with song requests by penning them down in a notebook, and iPad, or a laptop. It can be a good idea to ask your guests for a list of songs they’d like to sing when they RSVP so you can make notes right from the start. This also allows you to ask the venue to try and get a hold of any unusual picks your guests may have ahead of time. 

Create a Song List

Create a song list with popular songs that your guests can sing that are not already included in the list discussed in the earlier point. This will help you keep things going by suggesting popular tunes to guests who cannot make up their minds. 

Organize the Song List

When you have your list of preferred songs from the guests try and organize them in a way that you’d like to hear them at a party. For example, three slow ballads in a row can get tedious for the guests listening in. You can also organize the night into songs from various decades or genres, if that’s something that you think your guests will vibe with. 

Be Prepared to Sing Your Heart Out

Karaoke nights tend to get a little easier once people have had the chance to warm up to the idea of singing in public or have had a little liquid courage. Either way, as host, you should be ready to kick off the night by singing a ditty or two by yourself. Have a list of songs you like to sing to hand, so you can jump in and take the microphone when things start slowing down. 

Equip Yourself with Some Talking Points

It can make the night a whole lot of fun if you have something to say to your guests before they take their turn singing. For example, you can share an interesting fact about a song – or the guest singing it. It creates a personal connect between guests who may not know each other very well. Prepare a few jokes if you feel up to it to include in your karaoke host prattle. 

Be Encouraging:

Some guests are going to be more reticent than others when it comes to singing in public. As the host, it’s your job to encourage each singer. It doesn’t matter if they were the next Whitney Houston or someone who can’t hold a tune – telling them you loved their performances will ensure they have a great time! Be prepared to jump in and accompany shy guests on songs of their choosing for moral support. They’ll love that you noticed that they are in distress, and you’ll see your loved ones gaining confidence note by note. You can also arrange for duets between your more confident guests and the quieter ones to give your vocal cords a break from time to time. 

Having the right venue takes most of the stress of planning a karaoke party away.

Book a room with Galaxy Karaoke Bar to host your very own exclusive karaoke party – you’re always guaranteed a great time. With a list of delicious cocktails and even better tunes to choose from, your guests will be kept happy every step of the way.  Get in touch for reservations to book a private room for you and your guests.